Our Mission

Our principal purposes of the PTSO are:

  • to promote the highest degree of education for all of the School’s students;

  • to promote the welfare of the School’s students in the home, the School, and the community, to secure advantages in physical, mental, and social education;

  • to strengthen communication and collaboration between home and the School

  • to ensure cooperation among the School’s parents and teachers in the education process; and

  • to promote and endorse the professionalism of the School’s teaching and support staff.


  • Serves all middle school students at South County Middle School.

  • Finds and organizes parent volunteers for the school.

  • Raises money for school focused programs and services.

  • Publishes a monthly PTSO E-Newsletter.

  • Holds quarterly meetings to discuss current issues affecting our school with

  • administrators, teachers, students and parents.

  • Supports our school faculty and staff and lets them know how much we value their work.


  • Join and participate in the PTSO. Becoming a member means you support our organization and believe in what we are doing. We ask for no further obligation unless you want to be more involved.

  • Volunteer your time and skills. Parent volunteers are critical to the many outside classroom activities we support.

  • Volunteer to serve in a committee chair or co-chair position.

  • Support our fundraising activities: book fair, shopping at Amazon.com via our PTSO website, purchase spirit wear.

  • Stay informed by reading the monthly E-Newsletter and attending our quarterly PTSO meetings.

“Be involved, Stay involved” –Dan Storck,

School Board Member, Mt. Vernon District

PTSO meeting June 6, 2012